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12/27/1998 8:52 PM
Dan Dissault
Fellow gearheads:  
My apologies if I am posting this in the wrong area. If so let me know. I am seeking feedback on speakercabs. I have just purchased the first of a soon-to-be collection of amp heads,starting w/a(Bruno Underground 30 reverb) Followed by a Matchless Chieftan, etc.  
I want to come up with a handfull of the best cabs that I can get my hands on. I'd like to start with a 4x10 and a 2x12. I am looking for suggestions and details to support those suggestions. Some questions that come to mind:  
What do you know about Buzz Feiten cabs? Are they still available? etc.  
How and why does Matchless modify their speakers? What do you know about Naylor speakers(both 10s and 12s?) I look forward to your feedback. Thanks!
12/27/1998 10:46 PM

Dan, the Naylor SD50 is supposed to be a clone of the Jensen C12N.  
It is a good sounding speaker but, like other Jensen wanabes, it's tough to crack that Jensen nut!  
The latest incarnation of the SD50 is a very nice sounding speaker.  
The latest brownframe 12" speaker form Kendrick is very good too.  
I have yet to recv my Jensen reissue C12N stock yet so I'll have to wait to be able to report on those  
The MESA Thiele/Small 1 x 12 with an EV12 is pretty cool too.  
12/28/1998 10:04 PM
Dan Dissault

Bruce, thanks for your feedback. I will humbly admit that I have not yet heard a Jensen C12N. I take it that it's one of the "holy grails" of guitar speakers, yes?  
I would very much like to have you describe in your words the overall sound/response characteristics of the C12N(that makes it so desirable) and what you've heard from your peers concerning the "success" of Jensen's new reissue "splash". Also, specifically what in your mind are the pros and cons of the latest SD50?  
I've heard mixed reviews of Kendrick's stuff in general. Gerald's such a salesman that it's hard to separate fact from hype. Thoughts on that?  
Currently my only experience with 12's are my two Mesa "cubes". One is the exact Thiele/EV12 that you mentioned along with it's "companion" a half openback 90watt Black Shadow Celestion. I like them. I find them to be different but complimentary. Hey Bruce, what do you know about Matchless speaker mods? I'm really curious.  
12/28/1998 7:27 PM

Hi Dan,  
While everyone will argue to the death about specific models of speakers, or whether hide glue sounds perceptibly different than rubber cement, we can all agree on some basics, depending on what you're trying to achieve. For example, open-back vs. Thiele-ported, or AlNiCo vs. ceramic magnets, etc.  
What styles of music are you interested in? What "famous" sounds are you interested in using as a starting point? What have you tried and liked (or hated) so far?
12/29/1998 12:32 AM
Dan Dissault

Excellent response. You're right, it's all so subjective. One could ponder materials, construction and design criteria untill the cows come home and all that really matters is how does it sound in your mind's ear? First off, I consider myself to be guitar player that embraces a growing facination with all the related gear. I just got on line and was lucky enough to discover this site. What a wonderful addition to merely devouring every guitar magazine that I can get my hands on. I also appreciate people like you who I sense are highly experienced and knowledgeable and yet willing to share what they know with a neophyte. Very cool.  
Your feedback would be much appreciated.  
I'll try to be concise.  
I am a broker by day and play guitar in a blues/funk/jazz band by night. In my past life I was a media producer with a fair amount of studio recording experience. I currently play a bright sounding customized strat-plus, soon to be joined by a Don Grosh custom with vintage DiMarzio PAFs. My last amp was a 4x10 BluesDeville. Got some okay sounds but couldn't cure the somewhat harsh or brittle bite when I play hard. (Even with THD 10's and rectifier mod) I hate brittle highs but I still want plenty of upper-end clarity, shimmer and note/string definition. I have tried dozens of amps and only recently found one that I think I could "fall in love with". I am about to purchase my buddy's Bruno Underground 30 head w/reverb. (he caught the Chieftan bug) The Bruno loves my Strat. Clarity without being brittle. Up until now, that has been a major challenge. As far as setup goes, I prefer to get a really good clean tone and then use a pedal for overdrive. (currently a Full Drive II) At this point, I own just two 1x12 cabs that I like fairly well. They're a "compatible cube stack" from Mesa/Boogie. (90wattBlackShadowCelestion/1/2 open-back) and 200wattEV/Thiele-ported closed-back) To my ears they are very different but complimentary. The EV has a very smooth low end and in a sense acts almost like a subwoofer in conjunction with the 90watt which has much more high end clarity. The Bruno sounds very good through them although I recently heard a 3x10 combo version of the same exact amp and was very impressed! Famous sounds?  
Carlos Montoya (strat/fralins/super?) Larry Carlton, Smokin'Joe Kubek(sp?), Stevie Ray, Robin Ford, Wedermeyer, Jeff Beck.  
Tried and liked amps? Bruno, Chieftan, Clubman, Victoria (bassman & Deluxe). Have not warmed up to any Mesa/Boogie yet except maybe the Maverick. Haven't explored Marshall. (one-trick pony with reliablility problems?) I currently use a Sundown Head (got killer deal) which is just okay. (fairly good "Twin" essense anyway)  
Here's the formula I'm pondering:  
Bruno+4x10open-back+my Thiele 1x12 (or possibly some 2x12?) What do you know about the 2x12cab of Buzz Feiten's that I read about in 1996 Guitar Player?  
Last but not least, I realize that getting the PAF equipped Grosh will probably have an impact on the way I perceive amps in general, although I'm more naturally a "strat guy".  
Thanks for letting me ramble. I look forward to your responses.  
P.S. How do different magnets effect tone?
12/29/1998 8:01 AM
Steve M.

> > I currently use a Sundown Head (got killer deal)which is just okay. < <  
The builder for Sundown amps is still around, his name is Dennis Kager and he runs a repair shop in Edison, NJ, called Central Jersey Music Services. He's a good guy, and if there is a problem with your amp, he'll be able to fix it, or make it sound better than just "okay." I don't have the number with me, but if you are interested, email me at the address on this post and I'll get it for you.  
P.S. I've owned quite a few of these amps, and I think they sound great when properly tweaked.
12/29/1998 10:12 PM
Dan Dissault

Thanks for the Sundown tips. I bought mine about 8 months ago. It was on consignment. Absolute mint for $300! I was attracted by the clean tone, versatile design features and built like a tank. Mondo transformer!  
Anyway, "just okay" was a poor choice of words. I currently have but one guitar and it's a bright sounding strat that tends to get a bit "edgy" with most amps. I think my Sundown will sound great with the Don Grosh w'PAFs that I intend to acquire soon. I did recently find the perfect amp for the strat. It's a Bruno Underground 30 w/reverb I guess that certain guitars can sound best with certain amps.  
You are right about Dennis. When I got the Sundown, I called him. Great guy! We talked for 45 minutes! He gave me a bunch of cool settings and mailed me a manual.  
Thanks again Steve  

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