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Season's Greetings

12/23/1998 12:01 PM
Stephen Delft
Season's Greetings
....and thank you..  
- from the AX84 crowd
12/24/1998 6:25 AM
Paul Perry

Seconded.... and, is anyone else using blown tubes on the tree? (just kidding...I think!)
12/24/1998 7:16 AM
A hearty Hello to Stephen where it's already Christmas (I think.. EST + 16hrs?), and everyone else, and a special THANKS! to TBoy for hosting this thermionically challenged crew.. ;-) On behalf of Trixie & myself,  
Happy Holidays!
12/24/1998 7:35 AM
Dave Stork

Happy holidays, all. I'm glad I found a place to discuss amps where the people are civil, reasonable and considerate. Thanks to Speed for turning me on to this page. I look forward to continued discussions in the new year.
12/24/1998 10:04 AM

Wishing all good health and happiness. Talk about good tone... this sight has one of the best i've ever heard. Thank you Tboy.  
12/24/1998 11:20 AM

Season greatings to all the good folks at  
ampage I thank you all for your help over the last few years,I hope you are all blessed as you have blessed me..chip
12/24/1998 3:51 PM
Geoff Van Brunt

Hope everyone has a joyous season! As for the tubes on the tree, I'm lucky enough my fiancée puts up with it the rest of the year. Still it's an interesting idea...  

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