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Speaker Case

12/22/1998 6:06 AM
Jack Orman

Speaker Case
I'm looking for some ideas. I have a design for a small 1w s-s practice amp and I want to build it into a very small speaker case. I had originally intended to build the speaker cabinet from wood but it would be much better if I could find a small, stiff enclosure that could be applied to this project. It has to hold a 5 1/4" (133mm) speaker. I looked at some Rubbermaid boxes at WalMart but didn't see one suited. Any novel ideas?  
12/22/1998 10:01 AM
1. At a garage sale I saw a little old electric heater, 20s or 30s vintage, mounted into a pressed-sheet-metal case that looked much like an old table radio. The heating elements were mounted behind slots punched/bent in the front of the case. I thought, "That could be a guitar amp."  
2. A fifties/sixties table radio or clock radio from the local thrift shop.  
3. A rectangular briefcase or other small luggage; unused space could store cords.
12/22/1998 10:09 AM
Dean Hazelwanter

Actually, yes.  
Last week I read an article in alt.guitar.amps by Andy Fuchs about using PVC pipe for a powered stage monitor. Look for the subject 'Re: Stage Monitors'. Let me know if you have trouble finding it and I'll send you a copy.
12/22/1998 1:01 PM
Jack Orman

"Last week I read an article in alt.guitar.amps by Andy Fuchs about using PVC pipe for a powered stage monitor."
That's interesting... I could get some 6" schedule 40 pvc and mount it in the end. Hmm, there's a pipe place just down the street. Thanks for the tip.  
Any others?  
regards, Jack
12/22/1998 7:44 PM

Hammond Mfg. in Canada have a plastic case subdivision and have all sorts of interesting shapes and sizes.  
Check this site and follow the links.  
Mission Amps
12/22/1998 10:23 PM

Let's try that again.  
Cause it didn't work the first time.  
12/22/1998 9:11 PM

Hello, Jack. I once (many moons ago) built a crystal radio in one of those square clear plastic cubes that you put pictures in, I think they were about five inches per side. If they're still available, you might want to consider one of those. Gives a chance for others to see great workmanship!

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