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Cry for help on PDF 8-((

12/2/1998 9:22 AM

Cry for help on PDF 8-((
OK, now I'm really baffled. I thought I'd reached a conclusion on how to post PDF on GEO. However...  
The Dallas Rangemaster/Austin Treble Blaster PDF document gets two responses, either "Gee, that's good stuff!" or  
"There must be something wrong with the PDF file, I get a blank screen when I click there."  
The HTML looks OK. The PDF file displays fine from a local file for both Acrobat and GSView (whence I generated it).  
The PDF displays fine if I use GSView as a helper application to view PDF from my browser. Browsers using Acrobat to display inside a browser window seem not to work at all, the file downloads but a blank screen is displayed.  
I think that the problem is somewhere in the setup of Acrobat as a browser application, but I'm baffled as to where.  
Any experts? Steve? Any suggestions??
12/2/1998 10:09 AM
J Epstein

It may be "Helper app" vs. "Plug-in," RG. I use Acrobat as a helper and I cannot get the clicked-upon file to display automatically : Acrobat will open up obediently like a good helper, but I have to actually download the .pdf file and then use Acrobat's File:Open menu selection. I haven't tried this on the file of yours, BTW, but I've run across this in every instance of a .pdf so far. I don't think Acrobat (as a Unix helper app anyway) supports automatically loading from the browser window.  
Probably the good responses are from the people who have it as a plug-in?  
I think.  
12/13/1998 5:42 AM
Steve A.

    How do you install or setup Acrobat so that it is a "helper app"? I'd heard it mentioned over at Adobe and didn't understand what they were talking about...  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. So Unix is the operating system you use?
12/14/1998 1:25 PM
J Epstein

Sorry for the delay answering, I was out for most of last week.  
Yes, I use Unix at work. Thank God!  
On my Netscape, you do the following : on the Options Menu, select General Preferences. There is a file-tab marked Helpers. You then set up Netscape to start Acrobat when a PDF file-type is being worked with.  
You are configuring Netscape, in other words, not Acrobat. Result : when, in Netscape, you click on a PDF file, Acrobat opens. No more, no less. Not such a huge help.  
12/14/1998 9:58 PM
Steve A.

    With Netscape 4.05 for Win95, I can find a similar dialog box but Acrobat is listed as a "plug-in" and the "EDIT" button is grayed-out so it can't be changed there. Maybe I'll post a question over at the Adobe forum to see if there would be any advantages reinstalling Acrobat as a helper app. (It seems to work just fine for me as a plug-in.)  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. to All: The other day I figured out that you can set at least some of the options for the Acrobat plug-in by selecting them from the menu bar of the standalone Acrobat Reader (there is no menu bar for the plug-in- just a bar of buttons). Hit Ctrl-Shift-G for General Preferences:  
Allow Background Download of Entire File [the beginning of the file is displayed right away without having to wait for every last byte to be downloaded. It seems like text is downloaded first and then the graphic images. Checking this box will make PDF files load more like HTML files.]  
Smooth Text and Monochrome Images [with this box not checked, fonts are very jagged]  
Default Magnification [Fit Width is great for text pages as the margins are displayed. Fit Visible is great for drawings.]  
Default Page Layout [Single Page is the default but Continuous allows you to go from page to page with the Hand Tool. Page breaks are displayed as a small gap. This choice does disable the Fit Width setting mentioned above.]
12/15/1998 9:08 AM
J Epstein

Yeah, I don't think I can do it as a plug-in on my system (may well be a local network cofiguration issue, too, I don't think our net allows us to install any plug-ins to Netscape.)
12/2/1998 11:19 AM

R.G. -- This is just a wild guess but have you tried changing the access mode of the pdf file to "executable?"  
What I mean is on a UNIX system, you'd chmod the file so that it could be executed by the system, not just read (as is usually the default). That might give the server/browser connection the kick in the pants it needs to load the plug-in correctly.  
I can get more specific if you need me to (i.e. syntax, etc.). Just let me know.  
- Joe

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