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Dave Cigna's Tone Control Simulator

11/26/1998 6:52 AM
Dave Cigna's Tone Control Simulator
Does anyone know how/where to get the software for Dave Cigna's Tone Control Simulator.  
If so, I would like to attempt to add different tone stacks, such as the baxandall.  
His web page does not have an e-mail link. Does anyone know his e-mail address?  
11/26/1998 9:32 AM
Dave H.

Try It doesn't have Baxendall but it has Fender Marshall and Vox.  
11/26/1998 12:57 PM

Yes, I currently use this simulator, but if at all possible, I would like to get the source code so that I can "experiment" and maybe add some more stuff to it.  
11/27/1998 3:06 AM

Try "MicroCap V". It's an easy to use yet very good circuit simulator. You can download the demo, that is limited to small circuits (but enough for most guitar amps and FX circuits.  
11/27/1998 3:12 AM
Dave H.

Sorry, I didnít read the question. Try Are you a programmer Mook ? Dave C. says the source code is C++ and thereís some heavy duty math. "calculating determinants of complex valued matrices". It makes me shudder just thinking about it.  
11/27/1998 10:28 AM
Geoff Van Brunt

I would try using some sort of Pspice simulator for what you want. I used to use Electronics Workbench, but now used CircuitMaker.  
Electronics Workbench allows you to change the value of pots "on the fly" so it may be easier. With CircuitMaker you have to use the Parameter Sweep function to accomplish the same feet, but is quite useful as the AC Plot (bode plotter) can be set up to show max and min changes only.  
Instead of reinventing the wheel, I would try one of simulators out. They both have demo versions, and I ended up purchasing CM. I purchased EW first but returned it because it had no symbol editor. I think the new verison has one though.  
Electronics Workbench  
There appears to be a problem with Microcode's server so you may want to keep trying.  
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