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What is the point of the "Announc/Misc" Forum?

11/4/1998 9:52 AM
Greg What is the point of the "Announc/Misc" Forum?
Shouldn't a lot of this stuff be in the "Amps-General" section or something? Maybe I'm being anal but it seems to me it would make things easier down the line when searching the archives for amp info if these posts were actually in those forums. I mean, if I'm looking for tube/amp info, I wouldn't even think to search the "Announcements" archive. Just my two cents. You can now tell me to shut up and mind my own business! : )  
11/4/1998 10:50 AM
CJ Landry

I agree with you Greg. I do not post FX topics in this section, I post them in the FX BBS. My two cents worth!  
CJ Landry
11/4/1998 12:17 PM

Well it probably is the same hyper-actives that won't slow down enough to read the directions especially where it says "FORUM" and then the enter button!!!
11/4/1998 12:35 PM

I agree with you. The only time I post something here that is not announcement/misc related, that should rightfully go in one of the technical forums, is an answer to something already placed here. I guess I don't have the heart to say something like "Hey, if you post this in the appropriate forum, I might be able to help you." That would seem too arrogant for this gentleman's BBS.  
Before this Announcements/Misc category was added, the Amps General was the lead sheet. Maybe we ought to go back to that, and make the Misc section selectable, not default.  
It is really annoying to me, if I think about it. People can read well enough to type in their question, but can't read what category they're in?  
11/4/1998 10:07 PM
Steve A.

    I guess we all could just ignore any questions in "Announcements/Misc" that really belong in the regular forums. That would be an "arrogance of omission", so to speak.  
    As for making Amps General the default again, it can take a minute or two for that window to load. What if none of the forums was the default? I seem to remember that at one time the help window was there... Maybe the Webmaster could have some basic instructions for newbies and general announcements (like when new software is loaded).  
Steve Ahola
11/4/1998 3:16 PM

Greg's point about searching the archives is enough to convince me. Posting in the correct forum is just as easy as posting in the wrong one. I've been lazy before, but no more. This BBS means alot to me.  
11/4/1998 4:06 PM
Benjamin Fargen

I am an offender of this.......I didn't realize that this was causing such a big problem for everyone.  
I will cease to use the Announc/Misc section for my amp questions.  

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