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Soldering Tip

11/4/1998 5:55 AM
Soldering Tip
Most of you might know this, but I just found something last night that helped my soldering.  
Instead of using a damp sponge to wipe the tip (which always left dried, burned crud on the tip) I tried a Scotch Brite pad.  
After wiping on the Scotch Brite pad, the tip was always properly "tinned" and readily excepted solder.  
11/4/1998 6:27 AM
Paul Perry

If you have a soldering iron with a plated tip, I hope it isn't getting the plating scraped off!
11/4/1998 6:29 AM

No, it just scrapes of the crud and leaves a good "tinned" tip. It doesn't seem to hurt the tip.  
It actually improved my solders last night.  
It's my "new" thing.  
11/4/1998 7:56 PM
Excepted means to reject - make an exception. Accept means to take.  
Heh, heh,
11/5/1998 4:13 AM

Yes, I noticed that after I hit "POST". Good catch.  
11/4/1998 9:42 PM
Steve A.

    Hakko sells a gizmo for cleaning off the tip of your soldering iron which uses a brass permanent scouring pad that sits inside a metal holder, which is similiar to a throwaway metal ash tray, but its like 2/3 of a globe. Only problem is the cost: $10 for a brass scouring pad that is under $2.00 at the grocery store... plus the holder. I have a scouring pad next to my soldering iron but I haven't figured out a decent holder for it yet! I figured I could just hold it in my hand and wipe very fast, but got burnt anyway! (I was thinking of digging up one of those small tins from a tea sampler.)  
    Scotchbrite makes a commercial product (#7448) that is heavier duty than the green pads they sell at the grocery store. I've been using it a lot to clean up the ferrules of cartridge fuses since it doesn't remove as much metal as sandcloth. But I was wondering- doesn't that stuff burn or melt if you leave the iron on it too long?  
    But I agree with you about damp sponges being less than perfect!  
Steve Ahola
11/5/1998 3:03 AM

I leave the soldering iron burn on a Corning Ware dish. When I need to solder, I grab the iron, hold the Scotch Brite pad with one finger (it rests on the wood of my workbench) and swipe the pad a few times with the iron, and apply a spec of solder.  

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