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Irving Texas Bound

11/3/1998 7:30 PM
Pat F.
Irving Texas Bound
I'm heading for Irving, Texas this Sunday for a 2 week training session with NEC for my job.  
I'm hoping I can find a place close to the airport that will have the Packers/Giants game on Sunday (I know how popular the Packers are in Dallas;)), but Saturday I'll be looking for something to do. Any of you that might be from that area know of any good tube audio/ham fest swap meets that might be in that area the weekend of 15-16 November? Any must see shops for tube nuts? Let me know....Any hot tips will be appreciated.  
11/3/1998 9:54 PM

Hi Pat!  
How you doing?  
Hey, pop over to one of the ham radio newsgroups and ask this same question.  
The Dallas/Ft Worth area has many cool electronic joints.  
Nuts and Volts used to list all the current ham swaps.  
Oh yeah stop by your local AES and ask them.  
Over on the northwestish side of FT. Worth is Radio Shack head quarters. They usually have an intersting clearance center up an running. There are a lot of ham radio related mail order stores and lots of good ham guys that might turn you on to some of their favorite junk shops.  
Stop at the Tech America there or in FT. Worth and walk right up to the amateur radio section and ask someone there.  
There usually are licensed hams in that spot.  
You can always drive over to Arlington and get sick at Six Flags.  
Bruce "been there too many times" C.
11/3/1998 11:00 PM
Pat F.

Thanks for the tips Bruce. I'm not a real seasoned traveler, at least not traveling along, since my Army days, a very long time ago. I've become something a homebody comfortable with familiar surroundings. I'll chat with you soon about local things.  
11/6/1998 1:57 AM
Steve A.

Bruce "been there too many times" C.  
    So THAT'S what people from Denver do for fun- go to Ft Worth to check out the Radio Shack headquarters? Sounds like hog heaven!  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. Just kidding- living in the SF Bay Area, most of us wish we were in Colorado!
11/6/1998 8:47 PM
Pat F.

Hey Steve,  
"living in the SF Bay Area"... my brother lived in the bay area until that last shaker. He now live outside the bay area. My other brother, who lived in the LA basin, left after their last big shaker, and now lives in the Phoenix area. Same problems as LA, just hotter and no earthquakes..... ;)....  
11/4/1998 6:35 AM
CJ Landry

I am not from Dallas but I live in the Houston area and when I go up to Dallas (usually for the 2 big guitar shows there) I always make a point of stopping by the pawn shops. Dallas has many and they are full of musical gear. Some cool and some not so cool and sometimes you can pick up on a good deal.  
CJ Landry
11/5/1998 5:42 AM
Pat F.

Thanks for the tip CJ.

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