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Software Upgrade

10/31/1998 6:37 PM

Software Upgrade
I thought I'd try something a little out of the ordinary and post an actual announcement here in the announcements forum:  
I've been working on a new version of the BBS software for a while now, and finally installed it last night (I hope everything is working - I'm a little concerned to see there are no new posts yet today...). The BBS was offline for a few hours while I converted all the files to the new improved format, and I took advantage of the opportunity to change the timestamps on all the posts to GMT - something I've been meaning to do for a long time.  
The major purpose of the upgrade was to improve the speed of archive searches, but there is one new feature: Those who have their own websites can now enter the URL when posting and it will be linked to their name when the message is displayed.  
The cookies have been reset, so don't forget to identify yourself on your next post.  
11/1/1998 1:36 AM

"I hope everything is working - I'm a little concerned to see there are no new posts yet today..."
Well.. In spite of all my careful planning prior to the upgrade, it seems I did manage to find a way to screw it up a bit.  
My apologies to those who were unable to post while I snoozed away believing all was well. :)  
11/2/1998 8:49 PM
Steve A.

No pain, no gain (however, the converse does not apply to cathode follower circuits...)  
(Just wanted to post something so that your announcement floats back up to the top of the list.)  
Steve Ahola
11/3/1998 3:01 PM

The Greenwich Mean Time is a nice touch, but could we do away with the seconds digits in the posting time?
11/3/1998 9:57 PM

Sure thing Doc, and for current posts I don't think we really need the year either.  

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