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7027 tubes

10/30/1998 3:04 PM
7027 tubes
Any opinions on replacing 7027A tubes in an Ampeg V-4 with 6550's or 6L6's? Have any of y'all tried this? I have heard that they can be used as a drop-in replacement.
10/30/1998 6:22 PM

Ape: The 7027A is essentially the same as the 7581A which is essentially a 6L6GC ruggedized. As best I can tell, in the last few years of American production, the only difference between a 7581 and a 6L6GC the ink on the bottle - could be wrong though. In any case a good NOS 7581 is the desirable, and affordable, replacement for the 7027 IMHO - Angela does have 7027s at this time if you wish to stay with this tube.  
10/31/1998 7:46 PM
Bruce Holcomb

Here's a site with some info about 7027 tubes and replacements.
11/2/1998 10:15 AM

Thank's! Not nearly as scary as my Ampeg SB-12 and it's 6878's! (Got some on ice though)
11/2/1998 10:44 AM

Ooops! 7868's - Accuracy, better late than.....
11/7/1998 3:44 PM
Ned Carlson

I've got a Bogen PA amp around here with 7868's, one of these days I'm gonna try converting it to 6GT5's and see if it blows up.  
6GT5 pins out like a 7868, but the screen and bias voltage would be different.  
OTOH, I don't want to squander the world's supply of 6GT5's, old Grommes PA heads need 'em.

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