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Re: Peavey...............???????

10/27/1998 11:22 AM
Bill Harbour
Re: Peavey...............???????
Please let me add my two cents worth here. I've owned 3 PV amps. A Bandit65, a Classic30 and a Classic50. None of them could hold their own against a Fender amp. I dreaded letting other guitarist sit in with me while I was playing through the PV's. Not because they could outplay me...but because their tone cut me to death (I especially remember the time when someone came up to sit in hauling a Twin and I had my C50...that's the stuff nightmares are made of!). I hate to be a PV basher but I call them like I see them. I would love to support them (my dad's from Meridian where PV is based), but I cannot. It was only after modding the C30 with Steve Ahola's mods that the C30 sounded acceptable. But it rattled like crazy because it was so terribly made and couldn't take the additional low end.  
I think that we somehow need to get the message to PV that we'd take their amps seriously if they'd build serious amps.  
Just my two cents.  
Bill Harbour
10/27/1998 1:50 PM

Yeah I had a pv Classic 30. When I put in a solid oak board in the back of the cab to protect the tubes, I also screwed in a 1/4 inch X 1 inch board with tiny holes aligned to fit the points of the el84's. Reason: the tubes shook so bad when the amp was turned past 3 the amp was unplayable! Ha!
10/27/1998 1:55 PM

I think everyone who reads this site has a Peavey somewhere in their past. That company certainly has achieved ubiquity and I think that has always been their goal.  
One of the all time best bass amps iI have owned was a tuck & roll "Earth" head and cab when I was fifteen. It was a monsterously loud and warm 200-watt tube head was instantly destroyed by my drummer who wanted to hear it at full volume. The repair cat (1980) said that the output tranny was blown and it would cost $180 to fix and wasn't worth it and like a dumbass I believed him. Wish I still had it.... Apparently Earth was the original name of Peavey....sniffle....
10/29/1998 2:08 PM

My peavey experiences (good+bad). 1974 maybe 1975, purchase a new 6 channel PA head + cabinets and their largest bass amb with an 18" speaker in a folded horn enclosure. when unboxed and fire up the PA head cut in and out and the Bass head distorted unreal bad. The dealership wouldn't take the stuff back and fortunetly the repair shop was only 1 block away, none of the wires on the input jacks were soldered. problems cured all was well.  
next esperience, 1981 a band iwas in used a Peavey power amp for monitors. we had to take it apart and re-attach a multi pin connector every time the thing was moved, I finallt tye-raped the connectors together.  
1984 I bought an all tube combo guitar amp, it crapped out after one song! The store replaced the fuse (internal no exposed fuse holder) after that it worked and sounded darned good. the guitarist I sold it to used it untilabout 94 when it did require alot of work.  
about 1995 I purchased a new 8.5 power amp and a pair of spekers ( the model#'s escape me) and all has worked very well for a partying DJ set up. A friend usses CS800's for his DJ stuff and all has been well for years and he is not kind to his gear.  
I have almost always used Ampeg for bass (even when I owned other gear) and will continue to do so for a while any way. Peavey has its place and their Architectural stuff works out really really well. But I wouldn't have any of the old silvere knobbed stuff for love nor money.
10/19/1998 10:55 PM
Re: Clapton's amp rig on "from the cradle"?
Benjamin: I was going on what I saw him use.He may use the Fender too in the studio,but the high overdrive sound is the Soldanos,He has used these for some time,did you see the concert in England? Even before In the Cradle came out,he was using the Soldanos then.I think this might be more like what you are decribing.Listen to Gary Moore,Still got the Blues,Or Gov't Mule,and see if this is the tone you are asking about.I think it will be. [Richie]
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