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Re: Clapton's amp rig on "from the cradle"?

10/19/1998 10:05 AM
J Epstein
Re: Clapton's amp rig on "from the cradle"?
I also read some article (sorry, no brain cells) which described the process by which they took a specific tweed amp Clapton loved and the Fender Custom shop reproduced it exactly.  
They had to find antique pine to build the cabinet, got it from some old church pews. And they measured and reproduced every component, transformer, you name it in the old amp. The article said Clapton was very pleased with the end result.  
10/19/1998 4:06 PM
Bill R.

The amp in the article was a tweed deluxe.
10/20/1998 1:46 PM

Yeah, I remember reading that article. I thought it was really cool how fender did that.  
So these old tweed fenders really have that thick of a sound? I believe the statement about using the Soldano's on the recording, but I never thought a fender could make that fat/boosted sound I relish on From the Cradle. Course I've never heard one up close...  
Alright tone guys: anybody know what Buddy Guy used on Damn Right I've got the blues? He thanks marshall in the liner notes, but I saw him live with a Victoria 410 bassman clone; however, his live sound did not at all approximate that sweet fat sound on the album. I remember reading that he used 13-14 strings for a chunky sound and tuned down a whole step to not break strings (and still be able to play 'em!) Did he use fender amps? My BF bandmaster gets sorta close, but nowhere near as thick and over-the-top...  
Any ideas?
10/20/1998 10:02 PM

Mike:When I saw Buddy Guy on a video [live at the woodlands] with Eric Johnson,he was using Marshalls,But he is probably like the rest,and use different amps for different things.I don't know if you saw the video,but the guy in the band playing behind him had an old Marshall,and when he got his turn to cut loose,it was YEAH!!!! Great player and tone. [Richie]
10/21/1998 9:07 AM

Re: Buddy Guy- When I saw him 2 years back, he was playing through what looked like tweed Bassmans, but I subsequently read somewhere that the electronics were someone else's, maybe Victoria. His guitar had pickups that were either Lace Sensors or EMGs, I couldn't be certain, except that no pole pieces were visible. His other guitarist, Scott Holt, uses a Marshall on stage with his Strat.  
10/21/1998 12:35 PM
Jim S.

I'm pretty sure Buddy Guy used to use a pair of Fender Bassman Reissues. I remember reading an interview with him where he complained that the quality of tone he would get when he owned an original Bassman seemed to be gone forever ("like when your friend dies").  
Apparently, he discovered Victoria amps a few years ago and ditched his Fender reissues because the Victorias come closer to delivering the sound he remembers.
10/21/1998 4:33 PM
Trace Allen

I agree with the Victora amp thing. He is currently endorsing these amps. They do sound similar to the old bassmans but with a little more "punch".  
As a touring musician I can say this; Often times you are agree to play a club and part of your agreement is that they supply the back-line (ie: drums, amps, keyboards, etc.) A great many times you will get to the club expecting one thing and then get another!  
There are various reasons for this. When the folks who handle your bookings set ap a few shows which require you to fly from the east coast to the midwest for three or four shows (only to fly back to the east coast after those 3 or 4 shows!) end up using the backline that the club provides.  
I can say this, most of the time I'd rather settle for a Marshall than some other amp. At least you know what to expect from a Marshall! (unless of course it's not up to par)  
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