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Clapton's amp rig on "from the cradle"?

10/17/1998 1:13 AM
Benjamin Fargen
Clapton's amp rig on "from the cradle"?
Does anyone know what amps Clapton used on the "from the cradle" album and tour? That album has some of the sweetest sounding gain tones he has ever pressed to tape!  
Thanks, Benjamin.
10/17/1998 8:42 AM

Benjamin: Soldano[the expensive ones, SLO-Super Lead Overdrive] heads,Marshall cabs.You might also listen to Gary Moore,or Gov't Mule,to hear the tone of these amps!!!.... [Richie]
10/17/1998 4:04 PM
Trace Allen

Hey there;  
Ritchi is right ... you should check out Goverment Mule's CD "Dose", it has amazing tone on it & you will not be disappointed at all.  
Trace Allen
10/18/1998 3:34 PM
Ted Matsumura

I wonder if his tweed twin was used at all on this album?
10/18/1998 5:52 PM

>I wonder if his tweed twin was used at all on >this album?  
I remember seeing him on SNL after the album came out. He played Tore Down and one other song. He used the tweed Twin on one of them but I can't remember which. There was a definite difference in tone between the two rigs.
10/18/1998 6:54 PM
Mike Shaw
I don't think Clapton was using the Soldano in the studio. I believe it was all old tweed amps.
10/19/1998 7:43 AM
Trace Allen

Hey guys;  
I remember the producer of that album being interviewed in EQ magazine a few months ago (about four months or so).  
He told exactly what amp he used, the mics he used to record it, all the way down to the signal chain.  
I'm digging to find the artical but I do remember that it was an old tweed fender amp because the producer said he walked into the room (while they were finishing writing a tune) and heard the tone coming from the amp & immediately miked it up and  
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