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Fender Twin Silverface Mods

9/29/1998 11:44 AM
Fender Twin Silverface Mods
Does anyone know of a good book and/or other source for mods for a silverface Fender Twin ? Thanks.
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9/29/1998 3:42 PM
Doug B
What year is the twin? Is it a master volume modle? What type of mods are you looking to work?
9/29/1998 3:53 PM

It is a 1976 and, yes, it is a "master volume" model. I'm looking for pretty much anything ("Black-facing" would be cool). Thanks.
9/29/1998 5:59 PM
Gerald Weber's 1st Book covers SF to BF conversion. there's a chapter dedicated to it.
9/29/1998 7:58 PM
Doug B
Craig is right. Tino Zottola's "Vacuum Tube Guitar and Bass Amplifier Servicing" also dedicates a section to Mods to Blackface era. Be very careful when working in any amp. The high voltage stored in the caps will kill you if you aren't familiar with it!!
9/30/1998 8:33 AM
Paul C

I would say as a starting point BlackFace the circuit. When people talk about this they're most of the time talking about changing the circuit to the AB763 version of the amp. There's 11 different models that I know of that have a version AB763. 3 have verb - Super Reverb, Vibroverb, and Twin Reverb. Other than the number of output tubes, they are almost the same except for speaker setup/ imp load (don't forget the change to the feedback loop due the imp). There are several minor circuit tweaks and different supply voltages between all versions. I'd say just get your hands on the AB763 Twin Reverb schematic and wire up your amp the same way. This usually does it for most people. Have fun and practice safety!

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