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3PDT switches

4/8/1998 9:22 PM
3PDT switches
Hello. A couple of days ago Steve A. was looking for 3PDT switches. I don't know about the physical size of the switches, but two types of 3PDT toggle switches are available through Digi-key. Try 1-800-344-4539, or  
4/11/1998 2:45 AM
Steve A.

    Thanks- I'll check out that source. For mini-toggle switches, GC Electronics has 3PDT and 4PDT switches (with or without a center-off position), and their parts are available through many local parts houses. (I'm sure that you can get a better price through mail order if you order enough to cover the freight charge.)  
    I haven't found a source for 3PDT footswitches yet, but happened to run across Mike Fuller's site which mentioned that many of his stomp boxes use them for full bypass switching AND led status indicators. As far as I know he hasn't started to copy Alco's designs yet so I believe that he must be buying these switches from one source or another. [Sorry- couldn't help that one... [g]]  
Steve Ahola
4/11/1998 3:08 AM
Steve, again

    I just checked out and the 3DPT switches they have are toggle switches, not footswitches. But their search engine is quite nice- you can type in multiple keywords to narrow down the search criteria, which allowed to me quickly find some switches I need for work. The prices are a bit higher than the GC switches I've been buying but they could be higher quality. (The search engine does not handle multiple keywords.)  
4/11/1998 12:39 PM

Thanks for turning me on to GC and Alco. I'll check 'em out. I know I've come across 3pdt footswitches, I just can't seem to find whatever catalog it was, but considering that my house is overflowing with books and catalogs, I suppose it's not surprising.  
Thanks again.  
4/16/1998 7:01 AM
J Epstein

RG Keen sometimes has 3PDT stompers for sale on his website :  
I think he's said that the minimum order on these is always a buncha pieces which is why they are rarely seen, and why Fuller can get them.  
Also Midwest Analog has had these once if I remember correctly :  

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