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Its a sad day...

3/30/1998 9:03 PM
Ted Pimm Its a sad day...
Please pay your respects to a '66 Fender 4X10 cabinet, Dual Showman and Stratocaster which died, unexpectedly, this past Saturday in a practice hall fire. Survived by a '66 Bassman , Strat Plus Deluxe and newer 4x12 cabinet which, miraculously, were gigging at the time of the tradgedy. They will all be sadly missed...
3/31/1998 1:09 AM

You have my deepest sympathy. I am reminded of a similar incident, Huntsville, AL, 1978 or so. Two bands, Radio Berlin and YouthInAsia were going to do a show called "Huntsville's Burning". Ironically, the quite old building the show was slated to be in caught fire a few days prior to the event, burning most of the equipment owned by both bands. Only the youngest musician, drummer for YIA, had insurance. We must all remember on these occassions that the is a higher reason for all of this. I guess.  
3/31/1998 10:25 PM
    Maybe its just my cynical nature but whenever a club burns down mysteriously, I always wonder how much the owner had it insured for. It can be a tough business and some callous owners will have their building torched to bail them out from their financial problems, with no regard to the people or equipment that could be injured or destroyed in the process.  
    The best drummer I ever gigged with was Bob Geddings' son Larry, and he was playing the cheap set he learned on because his good set went up in a club fire- that was back in 1977.  
4/1/1998 7:25 PM
Fender made a 4x10 cab. in the mid '60s?

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