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Where is mr. Keenan ?

3/20/1998 12:40 AM
Where is mr. Keenan ?
Couple of years ago I read the interesting articles from mr. Keenan  
( tube amps , mostly).  
Where is mr. Keenan now ?  
Does anybody know his new site ?
3/20/1998 5:55 AM
You must be talking about R.G. Keen. He's still here. His web site is  
3/20/1998 6:02 AM

No , this man is not R.G.  
As I recall he was teacher or something  
and spent a lot of time in Korea.
3/20/1998 1:13 PM
Indeed, Todd (I think) "Ki" Keenan is not me.  
He has been notably quiet for a year or two now, haven't seen any posts on newsgroups or otherwise, and his previous pages at monadyne-something-or-other seem to be down.  
He had an ...uh... eclectic... style of accessing the net, changing ID's and return addresses, etc., and moved around quite a bit. Still, I haven't seen anything I would attribute to him i quite a while.  
Last I heard he was considering a teaching assignment in Korea, so that may have happened.
3/21/1998 8:23 PM
Steve Morrison

I haven't heard anything from or about Keenan in over a year, but most of the files from his website are still available in the 'Keenan'" target="_blank">">'Keenan' directory at Harmony Central.

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