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posting gifs?

3/15/1998 6:34 PM
posting gifs?
Is it allowed to include a gif in a posting with  
IMG SRC = "filename" (inside usual < > brackets)  
It looked like a possible way of including a diagram directly from the HD instead of via a web page link.  
I checked with the preview displayed an icon, but not the gif. So I pulled it all, and posted this note instead.  
- Stephen
3/16/1998 3:30 PM
Steve Morrison

I wish there was an easy way of doing what you seem to have in mind, but there isn't.  
If you used the syntax <IMG SRC="file:///C
3/17/1998 2:33 PM

Yeah...ok...essentially,it will carry text entry back home when I press the reply button, but not graphics. It will only carry the URL or FTP _address_ of a graphic back onto the board ( as a string of text characters) Then anyone reading this, has to use their own system resources to grab the graphic from that address if they want to see it. Have I got that right?  
I'll d/l WS_FTP or a similar FTP client, and try your FTP suggestion. Watch out for low-flying files - I may not get it right first time :-)  
Cheers, Stephen

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