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Amp Books

3/14/1998 8:00 AM
Amp Books
I would like to delve into doing maintenance on my own amps ie.. set bias,bleed caps and test them,tighten tube sockets, etc.. and really have very little knowledge of this (probably just enough to get myself fried). I would welcome anyones input on what the best books on amp repairs and maint. are. for the electronically challenged and Tim Allens of the world.  
Thanks, Dave
3/14/1998 8:27 AM
I too was "electronically challenged", until I took a radio repair class at a community college. I had an old silvertone radio I had inherited that sort of worked, but made lots of strange noises. 5 weeks later, the thing sounded beautiful, and I understood a lot about the signal path. There are several books out there, but I haven't looked at them yet. I just repaired the footswitch circuit on my Mesa Boogie for about $2 in parts. Calculating the bench charge and what I did, I saved about $60. Next week I am changing the filter caps in my friend's Princton reverb. Good luck, Mark
3/14/1998 4:36 PM
Dave II
Try Dan Torres' "Inside Tube Amps", cheepest from Angela ( at about $40. It's very basic and has a chapter on discharging and testing capacitors, as well as lots of other good stuff. Also, check out The Engineering Musician ( for free and valuable basic info. Kevin O'Conner has a couple books out through Power Press that are good, although I can't recall their web address right now. Antique Electronic Supply ( has a good list of other books and videos for beginners and non- that you might want to look at.... Dave II
3/15/1998 3:04 PM
The question is more appropriate for the Amps forums, but do take a read at the Tube Amp FAQ and the Tube Amp Debugging Page over on GEO at
3/15/1998 4:25 PM
Steve Morrison
Trouble in Eden?
Your site seems to be down today R.G., what's up with eden?
3/15/1998 5:03 PM
John Greene
I heard it had to do with someone eating an apple.
3/15/1998 9:27 PM
The six-o-clock news says that there was some incident over in the fruit orchard with a lady doing some kind of snake dance. They wouldn't run the pictures, but the rumors are rife.  
Seriously, eden is tottering. I'm kind of in a bind. They give low rates, a large web site storage space and intermittent, erratic service. I found out that they are trying to recover from the guy who started them up. I'm trying to find another home, but the web site options aren't that good here.  
The tech problems seem to stem from running out of swap/mail/temp space on the servers. Ugh. I had to deal with that myself in a prior life, but damn, I did a much better job.

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