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I like this page, not the banners

3/10/1998 12:10 PM
I like this page, not the banners
Ok, so I navagated into "Ampage" this morning. Then I got to doing something else. But while I wasn't looking "Ampage" managed to load a number of advertisements into the message delivery area.  
I had to hit the "back" icon about a jazillion times before I got back out of the site. Even now it's loading up again. I really don't like this, I mean I can live with it, but it's kinda a pain.  
Any thoughts ?  
And now, a word from our sponsors:

3/10/1998 6:15 PM
Steve Morrison

Ok, so that's one 'thumbs-down' on the auto-reloading banners; anyone else?  
(I'll have more to say about this later)
3/10/1998 6:28 PM
Make that two thumbs down
3/11/1998 7:51 AM
One more from me.
3/11/1998 8:42 AM
J Epstein
Coount me neutral, leaning towards favorable.
3/14/1998 1:36 AM

I've followed most of the banners at some time, and found info useful to me about half the time (which is a very good score rate) At their present small size, and on the intro screen, seeing the same banner again from time to time doesn't bother me.  
(I would feel differently if they were promoting financial management or time-share holidays.)  
On the other hand, the drop-down "Netscape/message from our sponsors" box which appears on some Geocities sites...I _do_ find these intrusive ...particularly when they are fixed to reappear every few minutes until I "choose" to read the sponsor's message.  
If you are collecting feedback, I'd say that banners _could_ be off-topic, intrusive, and annoying.  
But IMO, the ones on this board are not.  
BTW...Steve, the new fonts are really a pleasure . Thank you! What's the hex for your cool maroon 'quotes' colour? - (I haven't yet learned how to reveal the code for a frame content)  
- Cheers...Stephen.
3/14/1998 3:11 AM
Steve Morrison

..What's the hex for your cool maroon 'quotes' colour?  
You'll like this, Stephen:  
<I><FONT COLOR="purple">..What's the hex for your cool maroon 'quotes' colour?</FONT></I>  
And this:  
<I><FONT COLOR="maroon">(I haven't yet learned how to reveal the code for a frame content)</FONT></I>  
(I haven't yet learned how to reveal the code for a frame content)  
Try clicking your right mouse button anywhere inside the frame you want to see the source of. A little menu should pop up with several selections, one of which is 'view frame source' (I can't remember if that works in Netscape 2; you'll have to try it).

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