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text wrapping re; window size

3/8/1998 2:14 PM
text wrapping re; window size
Re: word-wrap when replying, and old -v- new panes split.  
I've placed this here, rather than in the suggestion box, because my ignorance may have missed something obvious or necessary about BBS and panes tech...If so. I apologise for wasting everyone's time, and I would appreciate other peoples' comments, corrections, etc. I hope this is not too far off-topic. These points apply to  
a regular 13 inch colour monitor. Philips 1409 - (corporate jetsam)...I guess it's VGA, but I could be wrong.  
I've noticed that in the right-hand pane used for displaying messages, the text will auto-wrap....  
so the displayed text width adjusts to a little less than the chosen pane width.  
Would it be possible to have a similar effect for for the default-width left-hand pane, when used for writing replies? ...I'm not sure it even needs to be dynamically could just be the default reply window pulled in to match the default 50-50 horizontal pane split.  
It is a small but repeated inconvenience to shift the horiz split over to the right each time, so my reply text doesn't disappear under the pane split.  
Similarly, if you are ever revising the "date range and BBS selection" screen, it might save some mouse fiddling each time, if the commonly- used selections could all be seen within the default bottom pane. There's enough bottom pane height now... if the words were shifted around a little.  
For example, move "current and archive" down and to the left, reduce "forum" "date range" and "days old" to a slightly smaller point size, and line up  
as: date range - upper box - days old - upper box  
level with "enter BBS" box, Tweak the vertical line-up a little, and it would all be immediately accessible on the default screen.  
I've had a look at the alternative split-screen.  
I'm very happy to use either - and grateful to the people whose work makes this board I don't want to come on like a complainer...  
But just as one opinion, as a low-def monitor user, I would prefer the original screen division ...with a few little tweaks and nudges to accomodate what I suspect are display differences between low- and high-definition monitors.  
...The hot-glass kiwi
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