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Missing Link

3/2/1998 12:40 AM
Preben Hansen Missing Link
Hi There.  
I primarily use the FRAMES version og this BBS.  
The new MISC. group comes up every time I select Amps general.  
Could that be fixed ??  
3/2/1998 2:37 AM
Steve Morrison

The new announcements/misc forum comes up automatically when you first enter the BBS, instead of the old BBS instructions screen. The other forums should work just as they did before -- select the forum you want and press the 'ENTER BBS' button. I can see now where I might have confused a few people by leaving the announcements forum out of the drop down list, so now I've put it in.  
3/2/1998 4:18 AM
Preben Hansen
Hi Steve.  
Thanks for the "FIX".  
Previously when I selected Guitar amps-  
General, I got the announce/misc pages instead.  
Now It works.  

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