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Horizontal Split

2/28/1998 7:05 PM
Steve Morrison
Horizontal Split
I've been playing around with an alternate version of the BBS that splits the screen horizontally instead of vertically. The idea was to provide a wider display for those with lower resolution screens. Anyone who wants to try it while it's under construction can" TARGET="_top">click here. As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated.  
2/28/1998 8:54 PM
John Greene
I both like it and don't like it.  
It would be better if the articles were displayed on the top half and the selection was on the bottom. From a first impression standpoint anyway.  
The thing I don't like about it is that you can't see much of the threads below it like you used to.  
I noticed that with my screen resolution (800 X 600) I would never get scroll bars in the frames. But on different occasions, or different browsers I would get scroll bars and it would make it more difficult to read. I think if people would just not use a return until they wanted to make a paragraph, things would be much more readable.  
Maybe a FAQ for posting is in order?  
3/2/1998 3:03 AM
Maybe a FAQ for posting is in order?  
Great idea, John; when can you have the first draft ready? ;)
3/5/1998 8:32 PM
Steve A.

    What resolution monitor do you use? At 800x600, I need to drag the window borders around a lot to be able to read what I'm typing, or to enter keywords to search the forums. The horizontal layout looks... interesting! Just a suggestion: why not use 3 panes, with the Forum/Keyword stuff occupying the entire left pane (approximately a 1/4 of the screen), with the rest of the screen split horizontally as you have it (or put the text on the top as John suggests). In other words, can you omit the upper left pane and dedicate the whole left side to forum options (or perhaps even a site index like I've seen elsewhere)?  
Steve Ahola
3/8/1998 2:12 AM
Steve, again
Well, duh!
    I must have been running on 3 cylinders the other night because I didn't figure out that you can drag any of the 4 panes to any size you'd like (even eliminating the top left pane which I don't really use). With the forum box taking the left 1/3rd of the screen, the two panes on the right work really well in terms of not having to keep dragging the window bar back and forth to read posts and reply to them.  
    My only suggestion is that the Forum Box be resized so that it is taller and skinnier (maybe put Days Old under Date Range?)  
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Steve Ahola
3/9/1998 9:53 PM
Steve, again
Re: Horizontal Split
    Since you are tinkering around with the interface, I have another suggestion: how about adding a button (or whatever)to go to the previous message in a particular thread? The case where this would come in handy would be when you do a keyword search and want to backtrack to a prior post that does not contain the keywords.  
    One more suggestion: on the forum thread display, would it be possible to color code the current post being displayed in a radically different color (like blue)? On some threads I get lost...  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. I hate to criticize your changes, but with your latest version of the horizontal split (3/9/98), I wonder if the message pane is too wide now.... Sometimes it is easier to read narrower columns of text (on my monitor I just counted 96 characters per line). I think I read somewhere that 60 non-proportional characters per line is considered to be the best compromise between narrow columns and wide columns... Can you add a vertical bar so that we could drag the window to the width we prefer? Or offer the previous incarnation of a horizontal split as an option?  
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3/9/1998 11:02 PM
Can you add a vertical bar so that we could drag the window to the width we prefer? Or offer the previous incarnation of a horizontal split as an option?  
Steve, you didn't forget that you can resize your whole browser window did you? :)

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