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I just wanted to be first!

2/26/1998 2:42 PM
John Greene I just wanted to be first!
Couldn't resist.
2/26/1998 3:55 PM
Steve Morrison

Well, I guess somebody had to do it..  
When is your new web site going up, John?
2/27/1998 9:42 AM
John Greene
Real soon.
2/27/1998 10:09 PM
John Greene
Hey, what do you have to do to get one of these obnoxious auto-refreshing banners??
2/27/1998 11:25 PM
Steve Morrison

Well, there are two ways:  
1. Become an official AMPAGE sponsor.  
2. Put some pages on the web that are so interesting that they could conceivably provoke threats of legal action from a nameless boutique effects manufacturer.  
Disclaimer: This post is not to be construed in any way, living or dead.
2/28/1998 8:57 PM
John Greene
I like that! LOL.  
BTW. I have always wondered, where or what does 'tboy' come from??  
3/2/1998 3:04 AM
If I told you, you'd have to shoot me!

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