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Pignose amp

5/30/1999 11:32 PM
Pignose amp
Anybody have any experience or opinions on Pignose amps? In particular, I saw an *allegedly* 60 watt all tube 1-12 amp recently that sounded pretty good, with a lot of tonal variety, though 60 watts out of two Chinese 6L6s seems a little optimistic to me.  
Thanks in advance,  
6/1/1999 1:39 PM

Steve Ahola was fairly impressed with this amp when it first came out. Because of it's bargain price, a few corners had to be cut.No problem though, Steve reworked the circuit and posted his mods. Visit his website "" and click on his Tube Amp link.
6/1/1999 8:41 PM
Steve A.

to Doc:  
    It's the 40 watt Pinose G40V amp that I bought and fixed up about a year ago, but I've heard that the 60 watter is pretty sharp for $300...  
to RL:  
    I would guess that it has has larger transformers than the older 40 watt Pignose (hence the "60 watt" rating). But I've noticed a lot of "hedging" when it comes to watt ratings; it seems like Fender rated the same basic amp design as 40 watts, 50 watts and even 70 watts (depending on the year). Perhaps they felt that their amps would suffer in comparison to the 50 watt Marshall heads if they continued to rate them at 40 watts.  
Steve Ahola
6/2/1999 8:27 AM

I completely missed the different numbers. I didn't realize that there was a new Hog with a 60w rating. Steve, you may be right about the newer one being same as the G40V, except for transformer upgrades. After all, a basic problem with the 40 was their transformer quality control. If the audio circuit of the 60 is relatively unchanged from the 40, the mods you developed would still be applicable. That would be a good deal for $300 plus a few small parts.
6/2/1999 7:07 PM
Steve A.

    I just browsed over to the Pignose site to check out the G60VR amp, and they have added reverb and an effects loop ("complete with FX send and return jacks"... great selling point, eh? < g >;) as well as a 12" speaker and high/low sensitivity (or gain?) switch.  
    They also sell a guitar with a built-in 1 watt amplifier that runs off a 9 volt battery for $269. (Haven't seen anything like that for over 30 years!) I bet you'd get added sustain from the little Piglet when plugged into a regular guitar amp (sort of like the Fernandez sustainer).  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. They also have a head version of the 60 watt amp, plus a 100 watt bass amp (head or combo).
6/3/1999 8:36 PM
Barry King

I have both the G40V and the G60VR. Although similar, they are different amps. The 60 is DEFINITELY louder than the 40 when played through my Marshall 4 x 12 cab. Dennis Kager claims the 40 is actually a 50W amp. All I know is that they are both loud with the volume nod going to the 60 watter.  
I like the G60 better than the G40. It seems more refined tonally. Bottom end response is better and larger than the G40 with each when played through the cab for a fair comparison. The G40 is much gainier but also harsher sounding. I understand that harshness can be tweaked somewhat with some of Steve's mods.  
The switch on the G60 is a high/low sensitivity setting on the single input.  
The G40 IMO requires mods to make it better out of the box while the G60 is great as is. I haven't even felt the urge to mess with different tube combinations yet with the G40 I am swapping tubes in and out frequently. Dobn't get me wrong, I think the G40 is a great value, just that the G60 is a better overall product and even better value.  
6/3/1999 10:38 PM

Hi Barry!  
How's that Hyper-Champ mod going?  
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