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4 6V6GT Wards Amp

5/5/1999 2:34 PM
4 6V6GT Wards Amp
About a two weeks ago I requested any info people might have had about a Wards JDR 8421 amp. Thanks to everyone that responded. My big question is regarding the 4 6V6 power section which seems to be very underpowered for 4 6V6's. The preamp stage consists of two 12AX7 and the rectifier is supposed to be a 5Y3 but I changed it to a 5V4 which gave the amp more headroom. I'm betting this could be a pretty cool sounding amp, but without a schematic I'm finding it pretty difficult to work on. Any recomendations or insights would be greatly appreciated.  
5/5/1999 3:33 PM

Glanced in Pittman's book, bunch of Wards schems in there. Found a GDR-8518A that is a 4-6V6 with two 12AX7 in the pre, 6SN7 for a driver and a 6AU6 for the vibrato. You could maybe use most of this schem and compare it to yours and correct is for you version of the amp by tracing yours out.  
Post of the schem and lets these good folks fo to town with it. Just let them know where you looking to go with it.  
good luck  
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