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Laney LC15 noise

5/4/1999 7:24 PM
Laney LC15 noise
My new LaneyLC15 amp makes a popping, crackling noise for about 2-3 minutes just after turning it on. The noises are not affected by either volume control, and are present with volumes set to zero. Any ideas on the cause of this problem?
5/5/1999 12:35 AM
Steve A.

    Does this amp have a standby switch? If so, does it make the noises if you let it warm up first? It could be the output tubes (especially if the volume controls do not reduce the noise). If it still makes the noise after swapping the output tubes you might want to check the bias. Or try swapping out the driver/PI tube.  
Steve Ahola
5/5/1999 5:55 AM

Steve: Thanks for the suggestion. I replaced the two EL84's and now the noises are gone. I wasn't thinking tubes simply because the amp is new.
5/6/1999 3:47 AM
Alan Thompson

If that's a new amp, Laney should replace those tubes under warranty. I had the same problem with a new Marshall a few years ago, bad EL34 tube. Took it to a certified Marshall tech, he replaced them free. Shipping can play havoc with tubes, especially from England to US....seems to be a common problem.  

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