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SG Systems Tube Amp

3/22/1999 2:46 PM
Woog Johnson
SG Systems Tube Amp
Is anybody familiar with an SG Systems Amp?  
It has really big knobs, two tubes and a fifteen inch speaker. Has a dark bluesy sound. It says CMT Electronics Elmonte,  
California on the back. Model SG-115
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3/22/1999 5:15 PM
Benjamin Fargen
Re: Doc ! This is the infamous SG amp!
This is the first broken amp that was given to me to experiment with. This amp is what brought me to Ampage where Doc answered my first question about building a Marshall clone with it! I thought I was the only one who had this amp. It has a solid state preamp and a 2 X EL 34 power section. It also has a built in phasor and a reverb section if I am correct.  
My SG amp was sacrificed to make a Spitfire clone using the PT and I used the OT to create the Clubman clone.  
I must say they used some big old heavy duty iron in that amp......the trannies are huge.  
That is great to hear that someone else has a working model.......since mine got scraped for parts!  
If you need any odds and ends for that amp let me know I have most of the knobs,PC boards ect.  
I will send you anything you need for it.  
3/22/1999 11:31 PM
Steve Dallman

I played in a band in the mid 70's called "Home Grown." We had 3 SG amps, 2 guitar amps w/6-10" speakers and one bass amp with 1-15" and 2-10" speakers. (We ran extension speakers with 12 & 15" EV SRO's.) I know there were a lot of serious reliability problems but we never had any problems...other than the now obvious lack of tone. They were actually pretty funky. The Maestro phase shifter with the slow and fast duplicating the speeds of a Leslie, complete with ramp up and down. The frequency shifter only sounded good on one setting. The overdrive was a little cheesy and was lower in volume than clean. It would be fun to have one now to fool around with. (I went from a 45 watt Bassman to the SG. I shortly bought a solid state Carvin with a monstrous 2-15" folded horn cabinet, and later to an SVT that cost me $300 with a cabinet.)
3/23/1999 10:48 AM

This amp just came to live with me in one of those trades that always seem to happen. (I play with a Roland JC on stage for my gtr synth). This SG is a fully functional model.  
The phaser is operational and both channels work fine. It does get low and growly when you use distortion but I kinda like that. This is the 1/15 model so was it meant to be like a bassman? It is missing two of the small knobs soooo if you got any laying around that'd be cool. E-mail me. I'm working on a new UNDERTOAD(my band) website and I'll try to take a picture of it and post it. Thanks
3/23/1999 11:36 AM
Charles Thomas

>I'm working on a new UNDERTOAD(my band) website and I'll try to take a picture of it and post it.  
Undertoad was actually a name we had seriously considered for our group (Garp fans and all). A search showed up several bands already with that name, so we abandoned it. Hopefully, it won't be an issue for you.  
3/23/1999 3:39 PM
Woog Johnson

We've had that name since 90 and the virtual domain of for 3 years but hell it's only a name. This is probably my 10th band name over the years. Kinda like it though.
3/23/1999 3:52 PM
Charles Thomas

>We've had that name since 90 and the virtual domain of for 3 years  
Ahhh! So YOU'RE the bastards!!  

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