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re: matchless and other class A amps

3/18/1999 3:44 PM
hank re: matchless and other class A amps
I have heard this disappointing rumor that the owner of Matchless has sold his company and now it will only produce solid-state amps.  
Man, I get excited by just thinking about them.  
I tried a Matchless, Clubman 35, last year, and it just blew me away. I'd never tried an amp sounded as clean, pure and resilliant. The only problem was that it costed a fortune to get one. It still does if you can find one.  
I've been looking for that same clean sound of a Matchless amp, and found, so far, couple of amps that come pretty close in my opinion: Vox AC30 reissues and Mesaboogie Blue Angels. Even though each of them sound a little different, but I could tell there was a similarity among those: very clean and clear, and resilliant.  
I liked Blue Angels alot, particularly at the 6V6 mode, but wished that it had a little more output/headroom. Vox AC30 reissues were ok. I hear that Matchless amps are designed after 60's Vox amps, but judging by my experience, Matchless amps are far superior than the Vox reissues. (I've never tried an original Vox and would like to try one sometime.)  
I have tried some Fenders amps too, like Bassman, Twin Reverb, and so on. I didn't like any of them as much as a Blue Angel or a Matchless. Fender amps don't sound as pure, clear or whatever you call it, as a Matchless or Blue Angel. I guess it's just my taste.  
Now, I kind of set my mind on buying a Blue Angel, but would like to try any other amps out there that sound like a Matchless (or an origianl Vox). Please, reply for any comment.  
3/19/1999 8:42 AM
Hank -  
Build your own.
3/19/1999 9:33 AM

Or, for about the same money as the two listed (mesa and vox), try a Dr. Z Prescription.  
3/19/1999 10:02 PM
re: matchless schematics anyone?
Does anyone have any Matchless schematics or know where to get them?  
3/20/1999 11:05 AM
Michael B

couple here;  
and more here;
3/29/1999 11:28 PM
Dave Stork

I worked on a Hotbox a couple of years ago and traced out the circuit and made a schematic. I haven't posted it because I didn't want to get sued. Some of these boutique heavy hitters are pretty protective of their stuff even if it is just more copying of old Vox circuits. Is Matchless out of business yet?
3/30/1999 3:49 AM

Last I heard, they are going thru a period of reorganization and sticking around. The web site is back up, but haven't heard anything concrete.  
Steve's got a Hotbox schem up on his site.  

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