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Re: Battle of the Tube Heads

3/2/1999 9:15 AM
Don Symes
Re: Battle of the Tube Heads
For shipping pretty much anything, I really like Airborne Express (1-800-airborn). I've been using htem for a few yars now, and they've been reliable and reasonable.
3/1/1999 8:53 PM

We won't stand for brutalizing here!!  
So don't be afraid to ask questions about any goofey amp you come up with.  
I'll be the first to admit I sure has hellfire don't know it all and thankfully, there is a very large number of guys here who can fill the big gaps between the rest of us anyhow.  
How much money are we talking about Ted?  
I see the Mig50s going for under $190.00.  
A customer of mine found a good used Mig 50 somewhere for $125.00.  
All the amp really needed was a new volume control pot and few decent sounding tubes to make it into a great deal for him.  
A little wiring trick here and there with some good tubes and they can sound way better then their price would suggest.  
I haven't heard any of Steve Ahola's Peavy mods, but we correspond frequently and he has some excellent ideas on these Classic series amps, and from my experience, I'm sure they work very well indeed.  
3/2/1999 5:05 AM
The Mig is 215 including an A+B switch box. The Classic is 225. Are there mods for the Mig?  
3/2/1999 10:54 AM

I don't know of any mods posted on a web page for the Mig 50. There are, however, some mods you might need to perform from a reliability standpoint.  
Look carefully at the controls. The Mig 50 that I purchased was an early version, and the pots were cheap plastic things with 1/8" metal shafts. They all had to be replaced with just as cheap $1.09 Alpha pots, which are much more reliable. I'm told that later versions came to the store with upgraded pots already installed. Bruce has been inside more of these amps than I have, and he may be able to verify the claim.  
The Mig 50 circuit is patterned after the tweed bassman, but because it operates at a higher voltage it is extra clean sounding. This clean feature seems to be what you're looking for.  
If you prefer, you can mod the Mig without much hassle, once you've gotten rid of the pcb-mounted pots. I even converted one to a JCM 800 master volume circuit for fun, by stringing the two input stages together and changing a few small components.
3/2/1999 8:45 PM

Some of the newer ones have different looking pots but still pretty junky.  
The cheap pots, high voltage power supply and thin, easily broken hookup wire seems to be the weakest links in the MIG50s.  
But they aren't very much money either.  
I also have done the extra gain stage mod with the other channel's volume control used as a gain control.  
Pretty over the top but with the right series resistance and signal voltage divider setup, it is very tuneable!  
I also liked the way it sounded with the two input jacks in parallel and then remove all the extra bright crap off one of the channels.  
Split the cathodes from tube one and use different combinations of RC for two different sounding channels.  
Use one channel to fatten up the other or use one to brighten the other. They both still have their own volume control but the overall "channel tone" is kinda preset.  
The tone stack works as usuall and sets the overal preamp tone.  
I have a real Mig 50 schematic if you buy one.  
Mission Amps
3/3/1999 12:31 AM
Steve A.

I have a real Mig 50 schematic if you buy one.  
    So if Ted doesn't buy a Mig 50, your schematic will cease to exist? [g] (People will say "Have a Merry Christmas if I don't see you before then" and I always wonder if that means I should have a lousy Christmas if I do see them again...)  
    Actually I just wanted to jump back into this discussion and say that Richie's Bassman head for $160 plus s/h seems to be the pick of the litter here. I think that there are more possibilities for rebuilding the bassman than those available for the Peavy or Sovtek.  
    I was telling you how old Fender amps are tremendously overpriced here in the SF Bay area... Guitar Center is trying to sell a 1966 Bandmaster head (vibrato but no reverb) for $1099! I looked it over and fortunately it hadn't been Torre-ized as are many of the old BF amps for sale around here. (Torre-ized, terrorized- get it? "News reports of a soldering gun-wielding torre-ist assaulting an unarmed blackfaced Super- more details at 10:00")  
Steve Ahola
3/3/1999 8:53 AM

OK, so my syntax was a little weird!  
I ment if he buys one and needs a schem for it, I have one he can have a copy of.... sheesh!  
I'd take the Basman head over the Mig50, for the same price anyday too.  
But I thought Richie said it was in need of some serious repairs.  
I forgot if he said it was the PT or OT was gone....and what about tubes and some filter caps etc? What's the story there Richie?  
Have any of you other guys ever seen a chassis sitting on your storage bench with a blown transformer of any kind that hadn't had it's tubes picked over?  
Vintage prices on the rise...  
I think I made a slight error the other day and sold my all original  
(but retubed, recapped, tweaked with O'drop coupling caps blah, blah, blah...) 1968 Super Reverb... for too low of $$.  
I got a total of 17 offers on it in the first 4 days and the first guy to come buy, play it for 10 mins, dropped the cash in my hand and went out the door with it.  
Hmmm.... supply and demand.  

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