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Re: Battle of the Tube Heads

3/1/1999 3:21 PM
Don Symes
Re: Battle of the Tube Heads
How loud do you want to get, and who's toneses would you like to approach?  
A PV classic 50 with a 4x10 box, modified per SteveA's suggestions should do you nicely for blues, and has potential for the modern rock.  
The MiG, I can't comment on.  
Ever used a soldering iron?
3/1/1999 4:08 PM

I vote Sovtek. It's basically a tweed bassman with a few tweaks (courtesy of NY amp dude Tony Bruno). It's a solid design, although the early ones had weak trannies. Plate voltage is a bit on the high side (500+) but no problem for the Sovtek tubes to handle.
3/1/1999 8:46 PM
I don't know if its cool to put an amp for sale on here, but I have a 67 Bassman, if thats what you would be looking for, I think its already blackfaced inside,I'd have to look. I got it from a pawn shop, and its in pretty good shape.I'd take 160.oo plus shipping for it. I have a 68 bandmaster that is missing the reverb tank and power transformer, and has a black grill on it,I have a big 68 2X12 cabnet but how would one ship it! I have some fender chassis, for building, so let me know if I can help. [Richie]
3/1/1999 9:42 PM
MJ Harnish

That IMHO is a hell of a deal. $160 for just about any old Fender amp is a great deal, especially for a 50w all tube head. :O)  
BTW - I think have a Bandmaster PT lying around that you could have pretty cheap if you wanted it.  
3/1/1999 9:45 PM
MJ Harnish

Alternatively, Ritchie, how much would you want for the bandmaster? I might know somebody who'd want it (especially since I have a PT for it. :O)
3/2/1999 4:59 AM
Please let me know. I am interested.  
3/2/1999 8:38 AM

Ted; Just e-mail me and let me know. and for the other guys on here, I have a bunch of fender chassis, i'd have to measure them to see what they fit. I don't have the boxes for them, but would be nice to build something out of.I have some other amps that would be good for building, and electrolab with 1-12 alnico. looks like the Danelectro on the cover of the GT book. Some other old chassis, under my bench, a few bogens,a junk Gibson skylark chassis, and a bass Magnatone chassis. it has PT but most of this stuff is just for building, i picked them up from a pawn shop that went out of busisness, and threw them under my bench, and never got to them. I gave Graywater a few little amps when he came for a visit, and he said he had one working, so they can be brought back to life, or would be good for parts or to build something out of.I'm sure their are others that have something lying around too.I just never thought of putting them on here. I have some other amps, a Laney AOR 50, and a 67 Dual Showman [no reverb] Anyone interested, give me a shout, and i'd be glad to help you out! [Richie]

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