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Re: Choke Me!

2/23/1999 10:20 AM
Benjamin Fargen
Re: Choke Me!
Bruce, I'll be curious to hear your opinion on the Blackface tone section in that style amp. I think it has a more spanky Texas style sound.... where as the champ tone stack is more of a set it and forget it......because it just sounds great!  
What reverb circuit are you modeling yours after?  
I should have my reverb up and running soon.  
I had good luck with the on/off channel switches by running the grid of each preamp to ground when the switch is in the off position. It doesn't even make a pop and it is dead silent.  
When you get yours done we will have to swap some wav. files of the tones!  
Talk to you soon,  
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2/23/1999 10:02 PM

Yeah, the channel switching by selective channel preamp killing is way cool and cheap.  
If you use Jfets instead of the toggle switch, you can use a Push-on/Push-off  
switch/footpedal to energize the Jfets. I'd kill it right before the grid of the tone recovery section.  
I like that tweed tone control sound Benjamin.  
The BF tone section lives in it's own well respected world too.  
The reverb section is very similar to the standard BF.  
This is a 4 preamp tube amp with a pair of self biased 5881s. I'm sure it's been done before somewhere.  
I love to do the wav file swaps if someone could teach me how to do it right and sound good!  

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