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Fender amps with 4 gain stages?

2/17/1999 9:47 AM
Charles Thomas

Fender amps with 4 gain stages?
I asked this on a.g.a and didn't get a response, so I thought I'd ask it here.  
Did any of the "classic" Fender amps use four gain stages? As I've stated in another thread, I've got a great Bassman 100 that's been modified to use both gain stages of two 12AX7s in its "normal" channel. However, it sounds more like a Marshall, and I thought I might get closer to a Fender-y sound if I could look over how Fender handled a similar layout.  
Failing this, I also could use access to a Super, Twin, or standard Bassman preamp layout so I could analyze tone stack placement and component values. I realize that I can get these by purchasing the Pittman book, but I'd rather avoid the expense if I can, since I only need one of the above.  
Thanks for any info.  
Charles Thomas
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2/17/1999 2:15 PM
I think most of the 'classic' fender amps used only two gain stages (all blk face amps except the BF Bassman I believe).  
For schematics, this site has the standard black face preamp schematic.  
You can find Fender schematics and layouts for a few different amps at the following sites but I'm sure they're available at a lot of different sites.  
Fender field guide  
Machine Gun Amps
2/18/1999 7:21 AM

Don't 'perxactly know but the Fender Lead 70 has far too many preamp stages and at least 4 - hope this helps.  
2/22/1999 6:54 AM

Try looking at the 6G6 blond bassman  
schematic and layout on Machine gun amps.  
I have two and they both scream yet retain  
their Fender-y sound.

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