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Help!! Carvin Vintage 50

2/17/1999 4:53 AM
Steve H Help!! Carvin Vintage 50
I know that the Carvin Vintage 50 is a PCB based amp. But, I really would like opinions from you vintage tone gurus as to what you think of the sound. I love the sound of a Blues Jr, but it's just not clean loud enough. I own a Hot Rod DeVille, and just can't stand tweaking the clean only to switch channels (insert popping noise) and having ratty OD. So, please be gentle with me, I am a tube novice on a quest for tone!!!
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2/17/1999 8:17 AM
John D.
IMHO, the Carvin Vintage 50 sounds pretty good. The clean is nice and sparkly. The presence knob is a pain on the back of the unit and it only affects the clean channel. The other channel is just usable . It can get pretty preampy overdriven kinda noisy.... I don't recall any mods off the top of my head. I guess the nice thing is that both channels are "eq"able separately. I don't know about road worthyness, though. Maybe someone else can help out too.  
2/17/1999 9:18 AM
MJ Harnish

What kind of tone are you looking for?
2/17/1999 10:04 AM
Steve H.
I'm looking for Fender clean. The problem with the HR is that switching channels pops like crazy, and you lose tone. I really like the Blues JR, but it really doesn't get loud enough for a rock band. So my choices are...  
Maybe this Carvin which has separate eq for each. Maybe something like a H&K Attax 100 tube preamp and ss power section. Looking for good tube (gigging loudness) at a reasonable price. Fender clean and shimmering articulate OD. Am I nuts!!?  
2/17/1999 12:13 PM
Don Symes

Replace the guts with something like a channel-switching BFDR in a point-to-point wired tagboard?
2/17/1999 4:19 PM
Steve H.
Very interesting. What's the output wattage for a BFDR?
2/18/1999 7:24 AM
Don Symes

In the neighborhood of 22

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