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amp foot switch / wireless woes

2/13/1999 6:59 PM
amp foot switch / wireless woes
Hello there. I have not one problem, but 2 to assess. Firstly, i own a Crate 40-watt combo amp with chorus. Due to a marketing scheme, I had to buy THEIR footswitch mechanism or switch things manually. It worked for awhile and now does not.....the business purchased from is gone, and the darned thing was 40 bucks. Although it won't cause a mortgage crisis, I don't like repetitious purchases....  
My other situation: I have a Nady wireless unit that I know has worked perfectly. Then I tried to use it, no sound came through. The only thing that worked was the led, and I failed to locate an office for Nady anywhere..
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2/16/1999 8:45 AM

Can you post the exact model of your 40w amp, and possibly the year it was new?  
Someone will be able to look at a schematic to assess the footswitch wiring. Many of these Fsw units use LEDs or other diodes as part of the switching circuit. Yours might have something as simple as a broken wire or poor solder joint causing the malfunction. Did you check inside the plug?

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