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Underground 30

2/9/1999 1:22 AM
Dan Dissault
Underground 30
I recently bought a Bruno Underground 30 head w/reverb. I use a strat a Mesa 4x10 cab w/20 watt speaks and a FullDrive II pedal. First off, I love the dynamics, touch response and shimmery (not harsh) top end. My questions are:  
Is there an effective way to elliminate the very prominant pops that occur when I kick in and out of the FullDrive pedal or A/B box to tuner?  
The "normal" ch. 1 (without reverb) is so dark, it makes my strat sound like an archtop! Is it likely that it could be tweaked? (simple mod?) so it would be brighter?  
I find that I have to "dial the bass control way down" to achieve a good balance with my cab. Is there a "simple mod" that could be done to "tone the fairly intense bass response down a bit"? (without sucking tone, just to help balance)  
Any feedback would greatly be appreciated!  
Dan Dissault
2/15/1999 12:39 PM
Why don't you post the schematic, that will give everyone a base to work off. The boutique amps aren't familiar to everyone which makes it difficult to answer your questions. Plus, this is all give and take give us some info (the schematic) and take some info (the advice). Look forward to hearing from you.  
2/15/1999 9:22 PM
Dan Dissault

Thanks for your interest. First off, I must apologize for posting questions concerning the Bruno( I just bought) prior to fully exploring the amp. (i.e. testing) As it turns out, I love the low end and ch. 1 isn't really "dark" at all. Now that I'm getting it "tweaked" it sounds fantastic. This is my first class A amp and I'm finding that I am pleasantly adjusting to a very different animal. It is much more dynamically sensitive than my Sundown and this is my first EL84 powered amp.  
The popping noise from foot switches is really my only problem at this point.  
Sorry for "speaking too soon".  
Is there a way to delete your own post if you choose to? (could have been handy)  
Thanks again!  

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