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Re: 6CA7s in a "Mark 3"??

2/8/1999 3:00 AM
Re: 6CA7s in a "Mark 3"??
The original question has been well answered but I wanted to chime in on the 6CA7s. Yeah, they were America's "answer" to the EL34 but they are really different tubes. The 6CA7 is a big bottle tube as opposed to those skinny little EL34s and a "beam" pentode with "hard" vacuum as opposed to the EL34 which has no beam forming electrodes and a "soft" vacuum. The sound is like a cross between a 7027 and an EL34 which gives another tone color option for those this EL34 amps. 6CA7s are getting really hard to find but they are well working experimenting with once found and are a fairly long lived tube.  
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