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Re: Direct out of an AC30

1/13/1999 8:15 AM
Re: Direct out of an AC30
You reverse the phase both ways. Either flip the pins around on a mike cable or hit the phase switch on the console. Most consoles that have a phase switch are pretty expensive though so if you are at home just resolder a mic cable  
1/13/1999 8:13 AM
We share a great many things in common!! I laos mike an AC30 the same way. Here's another trick for you.  
1.)Place a PZM on the bottom (of the inside of the cabinet) & tape it in place.  
2.)Mike the front with two SM57's half on and half off the cone.  
3.)Place a Neumann U87 on the back of the cabinet (where you normally place your SM57) and of course flip the phase button.  
4.)Use two tracks...pan one 57 to hard right the other hard left.  
5.) place the Neumann U87 at 11:00 and the PZM at 1:00 (you might want to keep these about 5DB lower in the mix)  
This a a pretty tone and you can of course get weird and pan the 57's hard right and the Neumann & PZM hard left. (this is cool for a lead sound)  
Another easy trick is to buy one of those 14" (around) circular oil pan drains that the big boys use when they put your car up on the lift.  
grab a micstand and place the small end (that drains the oil into the smaller bucket) into the mic clip.  
Place the oil pan up 1" from the grill of the speaker cabinet and make sure it covers the speaker evenly.  
Now grab another mic stand with a 57 on it and butt the 57 right up the the small end of the oil pan.  
This will put alot of the Mids out of phase in a really odd but completely usable way. I've tried a million things and nothing else will sound the same as this.  
I also like to place a 57 on the other speaker half on and half off the cone, then blend to two mics together onto one track.  
Well, I've certainly had too much coffee this mourning...I'll shut up now :-)  
1/14/1999 4:47 AM

And I thought I was mad! Great tips.  
BTW, are you Alex or Trace? I'm getting mixed signals out of my PC.
1/14/1999 10:13 AM

I cousin occastionally uses my computer since he doesn't have one and he changes he heading at the top. So when you reply to a post (unless you notice it and change it back) the same heading will be there.  
He means well and he's still in school. He's been REALLY getting into amps as he's in college for electronics. Smart fella! He's into building this tube amp fro himself but he doesn't want any of my help...he's independent and all (ha, ha)  
So it's me...Trace, the crazy fella from upstate NY!  
I you need any more tricks I have a billion that no one knows about. Some I got from other engineers and producers while the others came from too much coffee and spare time!!  
Chow for now;  
1/13/1999 6:30 AM
Re: Direct out of an AC30
To get better low freq response out of a PZM, attach it to a hard board about 2'x2' or 3'x3'. This effectively increases the size of the boundary surface (plate) that is reflecting waves into the mike capsule. Hard smooth surface masonite will do, but I use a sheet of clear lexan (plastic) - at the hardware store it's about $5 to $10.  
1/13/1999 8:24 AM

Another PZM trick
Head down to the local walmart. Find an adapter in the music department. it will plug into the wall and you can set it for 9volts, 12 volts, etc.  
Chop the end off (not the one that plugs into the wall) and solder the ground to the ground of the PZM and the hot the hot end of the PZM.  
Now set the adapter for 24 volts and this gives you the 20-20 frequency response that the Crown PZM's do.  
The Radio Shack PZM's are capable but if they supplied a power supply to do that it would be way too much for someone to purchase that would normally walk into Radio Shack  
1/13/1999 8:44 AM

If you don't want to use an adapter, there are batteries that will fit in the compartment and give you 4.5V or 6 V instead of 3V. Or you can use one (or two) 9V or 12V batteries taped to the compartment. The voltage increase helps not only the frequency response, but also increases the headroom and gives you less noise (if the supply is good).  
Another trick is to chop the mono 1/4 plug off and substitute it with a stereo 1/4 plug or XLR connector to make it balanced. The RS PZM has a balancing transformer, and balanced cable, only the plug is mono.  
A more advanced mod would be replace the FET circuitry inside the battery compartment with a tube preamp - it's on my "to do" list.  
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