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Direct out of an AC30

1/9/1999 2:53 AM
Jim Britton
Direct out of an AC30
I believe I saw here a while ago a simple circuit I could use to take a send right off of my speaker, straight to the mixing board. I've got a 16 ohm output on an AC30. Anyone help me out? Thanks!
1/12/1999 4:39 PM
Trace Allen

I could be way off base here but I think it's a resistor that acts as a dummy load, kinda like a headphone out.  
I would recommend sticking a Shure SM57 (or what ever you have laying around) half on and half off the speaker's cone. Any way you slice this a mic sounds better reguardless how cheap it may be.  
Here's a secret for yah....head down to the local radio shack and get their cheapest PZM Microphone ($50.00'ish). Stick it on a stand and place the plate as close to the speaker as you can. You'll be amazed.  
Chow for now;  
1/13/1999 2:36 AM

"Here's a secret for yah....head down to the local radio shack and get their cheapest PZM Microphone ($50.00'ish)."
And here I thought I had a secret weapon all to myself. :)  
I agree, you can't beat these things for the money. Stupidly inexpensive, P.D.G. condenser mikes make the world a happier place.  
My old band used to use two in stereo to record rehearsals when we were writing music. They were just hanging from the ceiling, going straight into a standard 2-track cassette deck. Hey, we were a poverty-stricken lot.  
But, it made us smile when friends who heard the practice tapes would ask us what kind of multitrack we were using!  
Radio Shack PZM's will probably never make it into Electric Ladyland, but they keep on rockin' in the (lo-fi) free world.  
1/13/1999 3:23 AM
Trace Allen

I don't know about Electric Lady Land but I was in a multi million dollar faciltiy that's been around for about 25 years and has over 50 gold records hanging on the walls....even they have the Radio Shack PZM's!!!  
Now if that's not funny I don't know what is. I looked two at those and then asked the engineer if it was a joke!!  
1/13/1999 11:03 AM

It's definitely no joke. All the good engineers I've worked with have had a lot of very "lo-fi" tricks to getting great sounds, and PZM's are just one of them. But then I guess most people using Ampage are getting good tone using 30-40 year old technology. Always seems a shame to use an ADAT, or master to DAT or CDR, after all that.  
My favoured method of miking my AC30 is with two SM57's, one just off axis at the front, the other just behind the back of the cab and with it's phase reversed. You can get a nice variation in "ambience" by changing the mix.  
If anyone really wants a direct out I believe Torres lists a kit for it. I'd be surprised if it sounds any good, but then I never liked speaker simulators or power soaks much either.
1/13/1999 1:06 PM
Liam, how are you reversing the phase on you mic? Are you just swaping leads or does your mixer or mic have a phase switch?  
Just wondering.
1/13/1999 1:39 PM
The studio I last did this in had balanced leads in both phases, so it was just a lead swapping thing. I guess you just swap the conductors at one end, but I didn't do it myself.
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