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Re: Ampeg amps: Reissue -vs- Vintage

12/19/1998 7:53 AM
Re: Ampeg amps: Reissue -vs- Vintage
T'aint that early here in the Appalachians - where do you hail from? Nice detailed explaination of the junction failure, thanx. Generally, I've seen the diode failure on older Ampegs and I'm not sure whether fast recovery diodes were available to the manufacturers during the early/mid 1970s. Oddly enough, I see very few diodes shorted and still able to conduct current when used as power supply rectifiers. If they were shorted to begin with, the power dissipated seems to physically destroy them and they open up. The plate protection diodes seem to short and not "burn" up.  
As to the Blue Voodoos, have worked on a few but they all had the common "first repair" SLM problem of bad solder connections to front panel jacks/controls. I do SLM warranty and if I get an amp in under warranty I just remelt ALL front panel component connections.  
Got a fast recovery diode manufacturer/part number that you like in particular?  
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12/14/1998 8:40 AM
Dave Stork

I've worked on scores of both original and "reissue" Ampegs. The new amps are brought to us by SLM, makers of Crate amps, and they are nothing more than Crates in a vintage-looking package. Quality is poor, and the tone is not comparable to the originals.
12/14/1998 9:14 AM
John Martin

There are still a lot of vintage Ampegs around, at least here on the east coast. I see as many Ampegs in my repair shop as I do Fenders.  
I own a re-issue Jet along with the Linden NJ model and A New York model. The quality on the Re-issue is just OK. I "warmed it up" a little by changing a few caps and the speaker, but this should not be neccessary for a new amp.  
SLM loaned us a re-issue B15 for our booth at the summer NAMM show and I have to say the workmanship was terrible. There were visible imperfections in the cosmetics of the cabinet work. The sound was ok but this amp did not look like it would last.  
12/14/1998 3:10 PM

I happen to have a SLM SVT "Classic "  
Which has worked fine for me for about 5 years as well as surviving several, albeit short, tours.  
Question: Has anyone ever tore the PC's, IC's and such out of a reissue Ampeg and wired it point-to-point? Stealth bassamp possibilities?
12/15/1998 3:24 PM
John, I also own a new Jet,which caps did you change and to what values? I'd like to give it a shot. Thanks,  

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