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half bad power transformer?

11/25/1998 4:18 PM
Bob Thomason
half bad power transformer?
I have a Silvertone Twin Twelve amp and the sound has been muddy so I took it to a guy to check it out. He said the PT was half bad so it was if I was running only one tube. Can this be true? If so can anyone recommend a replacement PT? Thanks
11/25/1998 9:22 PM

I guess if one side was open, it could still make some audio power.  
A reissue OT for a Fender Pro Reverb would probably be a big improvement.  
11/25/1998 9:23 PM

that is assuming you ment OT not PT.
11/26/1998 6:06 AM
Bob Thomason

No, it's the power transformer.  
11/26/1998 11:09 AM

This isn't one of those weird amps with two OTs and two Speakers is it?  
I wonder if the power supply is setup as a full wave and one half of the power supply could run as a half wave if the other side is disconnected? Or possibly a dual secondary.  
What that has to do with only one tube running is odd.  
Unless it has two OTs and the supply is split and supplies B+ to each OT indepentantly.  
Guess I better shut up and dig out my old Jack Darr book or Pitman and see if the amp is in one!  
11/26/1998 4:34 PM

Can we have more details? What tubes,how many?  
What kind of rectifier...solid state or tube?  
The more details the better. Something sounds odd here.  
11/26/1998 11:23 PM
Dave Stork

Maybe what he meant was that you have shorted turns in the secondary winding, resulting  
in lower B+ and power output.  
I guess the key is whether his exact  
words were "it's AS IF you're only running  
one tube" or "YOU ARE only running one  
If it was the latter, and he was referring  
to the power transformer, then it's time to find another tech.
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