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Speaker shielding

11/6/1998 10:06 PM
Don Symes
Speaker shielding
I'm kind of space constrained, so my rig needs to be next to my TV. When I do, though, the corner of the screen turns blue.  
What's a good, cheap way to shield one from the other (ideally without busting one of them open).  
Thanks everyone
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11/12/1998 11:42 PM
Steve A.

    I guess you must be using humbuckers if you can play with the TV on... single coils would be noisy as all heck! Maybe you can get/make a small practice amp to use when the tv is on? Another idea- Nady makes a transmitter that can be tuned to an open spot on the FM dial to play through any radio. It retails for maybe $80 and includes distortion and reverb effects. I haven't tried one but I figured that it would be handy for practising anywhere you have a radio...  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. For a REAL answer to your question, maybe someone here knows how they do shield speakers used next to monitors and tvs... And also if there is any permanent damage that would be caused by using unshielded speakers next to a tv screen that is on or off.

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