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RCA 6V6GT vs. 6V6GTA?

10/28/1998 6:31 AM
Mike Beers
RCA 6V6GT vs. 6V6GTA?
What are the differences between the clear glass RCA 6V6GTA's and the grey glass 6V6GT's?  
Are they of similar quality? Should there be a significant price premium for one versus the other for NOS tubes?  
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10/28/1998 10:39 AM

Mike: Can't tell you anything concerning different glass but the "A" version of the 6V^ has higher plate dissipation, 14W vs 12w for the plain 6V6, and controlled heater warm up characteristics.  
10/28/1998 2:58 PM

It seems that many tweed & blackface purists prefer the sound of the earlier black plate version. They're a little harder to get these days, so the price might be higher than for the later version. Also, the most recent versions of the -GTAs have a button base instead of the traditional-looking full skirt octal base. Looks "too modern" for a vintage amp.  
IMO, unless you just have to have the early version -GT, buy the clear glass -GTAs. They should sound good, and last a long time. (I'm speaking out of context, because you didn't state which amp you had in mind. I was sort of assuming it might be a deluxe reverb.)  
10/28/1998 11:07 PM
Mike Beers
A TopHat Club Deluxe
The Club Deluxe runs in Class A, so I don't know how that would affect it. The GT's aren't the black plates, but like GW pointed out above, they're rated for 14 as opposed to 12 watts.  
Thanks very much.  

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