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Re: Bloomfield "old Waldorf"

11/12/1998 11:31 PM
Steve A.
Re: Bloomfield "old Waldorf"
    Great cd! Very laid back (at least compared to some of his intense stuff from the 60's) and very much as I remembered him when I'd see him with Nick Gravenites in the mid-70's playing to crowds of maybe 100 in small clubs... (The "blues boom" of the 60's had gone bust and disco was on the horizon.)  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. With Thanksgiving coming up, we all need to watch out for Gravinitis so we don't end up in ER- be sure to cook your gravy thoroughly and don't leave it out overnight. [ g ]
11/4/1998 4:18 PM
JC Re: Bloomfields Super
Be extra super careful about treating the content of GP or GW magazines as gospel, especially where historical details are concerned. I'm not here to knock their fine publications, but some of the errors they have made in the past have been really outstanding.  
As an example, the recent issue with the Brian May article and interview (how he gets his tone) says in one sentence that his guitar body is made of mahogany, and in another part it lists the body wood as oak.
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