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Reverb problems........How do I test a reverb transformer?

9/28/1998 2:10 PM
Benjamin Fargen
Reverb problems........How do I test a reverb transformer?
I have a mesa studio 22.......the reverb dwell is way to low. It sounds the same on 1 or 10!  
I suspect the reverb tranny is at fault? How do I check it to make sure?  
Thanks Guys!  
9/29/1998 8:11 AM
Mark Buckingham

I'm going to ask a stupid question here, but did you try switching the two rca plugs around? Maybe the reverb is hooked up backwards. (You will get a little reverb in that case.)  
As for checking, I just used another amp / reverb tank to test.  
My SF Princeton's tank is shot. I made sure it was the tank by hooking the tank up to my DC-2, then hooking the DC-2's tank up to my fender.  
Hope this helps.
9/29/1998 9:45 AM
Benjamin Fargen

Mark, Thanks for the reply. The tank is hooked up correctly and I tried another working tank that I had........still very little sound(and a dark muddy sound at that!)I tested the reverb pot and reflowed the solder at all leads coming from the reverb tranny(still no fix!). I am going to call mesa and order a replacement reverb tranny and try my luck with that.  
Any other suggestions are very welcome!!!!  
9/29/1998 12:30 PM

Just measure the impedance of the primary and secondary winding of the tranny and square the ratio of the two. This value should be about the same as the 22k/8Ohm ratio. I presume your reverb transformer is identical to the Fender type (22k/8 Ohm).  
Good luck,  
9/29/1998 8:08 PM

Benjamin: Is this a tube reverb?or chip? Have you replaced the tubes for the reverb? Try the tube first,you could have something bad in the circut,a resistor or cap.[check your voltages]Can you hear a crash sound when shaking or tapping the pan? If you hear the crash, but no reverb when playing through the amp,it is most likely the RV transformer.Does this amp have a footswitch? It might be bad. Just a few of my ideas,might help. Good luck [Richie]

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