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Customizing a Fender Bassman Head

9/24/1998 11:33 AM
Customizing a Fender Bassman Head
I have a Bassman head from the late sixties/early seventies that I brought back from the dead. Since I had to add a additional transformer I figure the amp would be devalued already so there is no point worrying  
about modifying it further to suit my needs. I recently purchased an ADA tube preamp and would like to mod the Bassman so I could use it as a power amp only (bypassing the preamp). My instructors at my tech school showed me a few ways this could be accomplished. If anyone out there has some suggestions as to how this could be done I would greatly appreciate the feedback. Thanks.
9/24/1998 10:52 PM

If your looking for a clean tube amp, you may need to rebuild the amp. If you don't mind some dirt, the following may work fine.  
I'm assuming the model you have is the same version that Marshall copied, although there are other versions. If you disconnect the lead from the treble pot that goes to the cap to the phase splitter, you could run the signal in here.  
You could also install a 1 Meg pot as a gain control before the cap. And you may have to increase the amount of feedback to get the proper sound. Don't go to far though as this could make the amp unstable and go into oscillation.  
Hope this helps  
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