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Weber VST or Greenback?

8/30/1998 10:04 PM
Ryan Lussier
Weber VST or Greenback?
I can't make up my mind wether to put an alnico Weber or Celestion Greenback in my Fender Blues Jr. The Webers cheaper and I have heard of the wonderful mojo alnico produces. The greenbacks are ceramic right? Any opinions would be greatly apprecieted...Thanks...Ryan PS I play distorted(Big Muff) and have concern the Weber might be more delicate-will it hold up as well as I know Celestions do?
9/1/1998 10:00 AM
Ryan Lussier

Anyone ever put a greenback in a tweed Fender?
9/6/1998 11:07 AM
I have a Pro Jr which is essentially the same (2-EL84 for about 15 or 20 watts) except it has no reverb and a 10" instead of a 12" speaker. Your amp should have a little less B+ and overdrive a little sooner. In the Pro I insatlled a WeberVST C10R, which is rated at 20 watts, but is much heavier duty than the original. It is ceramic also. I like ceramic speakers. This amp never sounded so good. I had a 50 watt Celestion in there before, but this speaker has a much wider frequency response and reproduces the amp distortion beautifully. I don't use distortion/boost pedals because the true amp distortion I get when I turn up my guitar is great. I set the amp well into overdrive and control it with the guitar volume.  
I would recommend a C12R for your Blues Jr. You won't be dissapointed.  
9/7/1998 2:02 PM

Did that Weber C10R drop into the Pro Jr without any mods? I've got one also and think the ceramic Eminence is rather harsh.  
9/7/1998 10:19 PM
Mike Tremante

It dropped right in. Tight, but no mods. However the mods I've done on the Pro Jr include removing the -fbk, installing a Deluxe Rvb OT, bypassing the rKs (R4 and R11) on the 2 gain stages with 25@25 and .68@25 caps, and lowering the coupling cap before the PI from .01uF to .002 uF. I also changed the tubes to Sovtek EL84Ms and 12AX7WXTs.  
These mods have nothing to do with fitting the speaker, but they make the amp sound real good and I thought you'd be interested having a Pro Jr.  
The Weber C10R is real smooth. Almost compressed, but still way up front with great transients and more headroom. My main guitar is a Strat, but its just as good with a G&L ASAT or a PRS.  
I'm using the stock ceramic Eminence in a Champ I converted to a 6G2. The speaker is perfect in there. Perfect, I couldn't ask for more. So hang on to that speaker.  
9/11/1998 6:30 PM
Did that DR OT drop right in the Pro Jr w/ no problems?  
9/11/1998 7:08 PM
Re: Pro Jr.
Have you had any problems with preamp tubes rattling in the Pro Jr? Mine do and I changed tubes and they did also. Nothing is loose in the chassis or cab but there's a resonance there apparently. Of course, if I play loud enough I can't hear them.

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