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Re: Anybody else know which power amp schematic goes with the IIC+?

8/14/1998 9:53 PM
Steve A.
Re: Anybody else know which power amp schematic goes with the IIC+?
In MESA's site there's an article from Randall Smith where  
he tries to explain why his amps don't have bias pots.
    Been there, read it. Following that line of reasoning I'm surprised that he even includes volume controls on his amps (since someone might set the volume too high or too low)... [g]  
    Thanks for the info on the IIC, et al! I'll go ahead and get the schematics scanned for everybody who has been asking for them. When I post the links maybe you can fill in some of the missing lines and the notorious hole punched in the triode in the Pittman schematic...  
Steve Ahola
And now, a word from our sponsors:

8/15/1998 11:18 AM

Steve: Sorry for my mistake on the 6.3 voltage.I just glanced at the two, and saw they were a few different things.I have worked on a few boogies,they sure do run these above normal don't they!I went over and read the post on the boogie bias,I thought it was pretty good when he said, their tubes were put through robotube tester,and about the part where other tube companies would tell you things just to sell their type tube.It sounded like to me, he was making a pitch to only buy tubes from them! I still like to be able to adjust the bias with a pot.It would be the same thing, if you could get the same matched tubes, like grove tubes every time for your amp.You would'nt have to touch the bias,just use the same rating,the only problem with their way is,what if you wanted to try something different.then you would have to play around with the bias resistor to get the right one. I like boogies, but I'm a marshall person, and will always be one.I like the fenders for the clean glassy tone,and switch between them.If its good enough for Eric Johnson its good enough for me too! [Richie]

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