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Tube Amp texts for beginners Help?

7/22/1998 4:05 PM
Tube Amp texts for beginners Help?
I am definitely a beginner of knowing how tube amps work. What's the best text for me to learn how to bias, do simple mods, etc?
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7/23/1998 7:16 AM

There are so many, and different people have the ones they like,but for starters,try Tom Mitchells tape and book, Cezar Diaz, Dan Tores book,also try to get parts and supply catologs, most will send them for free,get you a good DMM [digital multi meter]also something else that is very useful is Aspin Pittmans tube amp book, it has alot of shematics[you will need them at one time]and a tube manuel, will be very helpful in showing diagrams of different tubes.if you don't have a soldering iron just buy one from radio shack, untill you get good at soldering then buy a good one.there are alot more books on amps but this should get you started,read before trying anything! these things can kill you.[off or on or unplugged]just watch the vidios and read and ask lots of questions,I think the guys here on the ampage will help, and you'll get alot of different ideas on how to do things.Its great to build something,plug in and play it for the first time! have fun and good luck [Richie]
7/23/1998 8:23 AM

One other thing to be a little safer, you can rub some antipersperent on your hands to keep them from sweating,and put on some thin doctors rubber gloves,you can get these at any drug store, this might help from touching some thing your not suposed to.Your supposed to discharge your caps before working,but sometimes the amp has to be plugged in to test things.This might help untill you get used to working around things in your amp.[Richie]
7/23/1998 10:27 AM

Thanks Richie, Your help is much appreciated!
7/28/1998 11:54 PM

Are rubber gloves a good a cure for killing yourself? Are they thick enough to stop the current from travelling through you. Is there any other way, like grounding yourself or something, that can prevent death?
7/29/1998 7:47 AM
Mark Buckingham

Grounding yourself is a good way to invite death. Those voltages are looking for ground. You don't want to be it.  
I would think you'd need some really thick gloves to stop 600vdc.
7/29/1998 8:58 AM

Anything would be better than nothing.You could'nt use big thick gloves,it would be like tring to pick your nose!I just wanted to give him some kind of precaution,I hope he would'nt think of these as being able to grab anything,just work as you would if you didn't have anything on,If someone has never done any amp work but was wanting to try it, they need some kind of help in any form from touching the wrong thing.You should'nt even have your hands in there,just the test probe, untill you figure out where not to touch things!Because it will only take one time to learn you touched the wrong thing! You should keep one hand behind your back.Maybe some of the guys that are just learning give their reply to help him out,how they did things, I have worked on some ham radios that had a cable that hooked up the transformer,when you turned it on the lights went down in the house!This will make even the pros think about [being safe!] [Richie]

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