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Thanks to all for the great info!

6/21/1998 10:57 PM
Benjamin Fargen
Thanks to all for the great info!
Good info! Thank you very much. Benjamin
6/23/1998 9:00 PM

I keep a finger nail polish bottle of acetone one my bench with a bit of violin rosin dissolved in it. I brush (on a cleaned and scratched) a bit on before I solder and it really helps.  
6/23/1998 9:34 PM
Benjamin Fargen

Marc, Very cool! Thanks! Benjamin.
6/24/1998 12:02 AM
Steve A.

    The violin rosin acts as a non-corrosive flux? (Never heard of that one before- I'll have to try it out!)  
Steve Ahola
6/24/1998 8:35 PM

Yes the rosin works fine! But I suggest denatured alcohol has a solvent instead of acetone (a bit too strong for my taste).
6/25/1998 5:11 PM
It's alright, Charles. Just don't eat it and you'll be fine.
6/25/1998 7:43 PM

Well, I was thinking of any plastic and or painted surfaces, which the acetone would devour much more rapidly than the denatured  
alchohol, but....  
Does it mix well with gin?

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